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Partnership with Building Owners

Our partnership with building owners lasts for as long as they are in ownership. We serve many critical industries (e.g. hospitals, data centers, etc.) where they rely upon our equipment to run their day to day operations. We help building owners with budget planning to retrofit aging mechanical equipment, creating a proactive maintenance plan for their mechanical equipment, and training facility staff on how to operate and maintain mechanical equipment.


Partnership with Engineers

We consult with engineers about our manufacturers' products, industry trends and more. To do so, we use the tool box approach, as our extensive line card allows us to evaluate multiple manufacturer options finding the right solution for their projects.

Think of the engineers as the general practitioner and MSI as the orthopedic specialists. The engineers have to be concerned about the entire mechanical system design, so we are their specialist as it relates to the intricacies of the mechanical equipment.


Partnership with Contractors

When partnering with contractors, MSI provides support from start to finish. This includes conceptual budgeting assistance during the preconstruction process, timely quotes during the bidding process and detailed equipment submittals that explain exactly what they are buying.

MSI also manages the procurement process and coordinates equipment startup with our service department. We assist the contractor during the commissioning process and help manage the equipment warranty process, too.

Our job with contractors is to get the equipment submitted, ordered, received and started up in a timely and smooth fashion.

We service many markets:

Commercial Offices
Correctional Facilities
Data Centers
Higher Education
K-12 Education
Public Works
Religious Institutions
Senior Living

Energy Efficient Capabilities

At MSI, we represent industry-leading manufacturers who invest heavily in modern technologies to improve both equipment and overall system efficiencies.

HVAC Equipment

We provide both HVAC equipment selections and overall HVAC system design support. In fact, MSI was founded on being an HVAC equipment representative and first started representing McQuay (now Daikin Applied) in 1968. We now represent 50+ industry leading manufacturers giving our customers options to meet their project needs.

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Air Distribution

We began representing Titus Manufacturing Corporation  20+ years ago, which was founded in 1946 in Waterloo, Iowa, before relocating to Texas in 1975. Our comprehensive line card allows for a holistic approach to air distribution system design. From small tenant improvements to large institutional projects, we can support your air distribution needs.

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We’re able to support our customers with everything from small commercial to large industrial hydronic systems. We provide both hydronic equipment selections and overall hydronic system design support. Our line card also allows for a comprehensive approach to hydronic system design.

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Our team has significant experience with controls and building automation systems allowing us to complement the solutions provided by the building owners incumbent controls contractor.  Our manufacturers’ system level controls are set to complement the building automation strategies. Additionally, our product portfolio includes vital metering and measurement solutions critical to performance, energy, comfort and safety.

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Indoor Air Quality

Many new indoor air quality technologies have entered the HVAC market in the past few years. There are numerous benefits to improving indoor air quality including pathogen mitigation, increased HVAC efficiency and improved occupant productivity to name a few. MSI is proud to contribute expertise in this space.

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Delivering HVAC Solutions

What makes the MSI team stand out is that we don’t just understand our best-in-class manufacturer’s products — we offer consultative expertise for complete HVAC systems.

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