HVAC systems offered today not only include operational safety controls, but many have manufacturer optimized on-board controllers with proven sequences of operation. Our expert technicians are trained in bringing these systems to life and optimizing operation for each unique environment. In addition, we take pride in teamwork, supporting the building automation contractor, so that the equipment operates in harmony with all building systems. 

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Our controls categories include the following:

Airflow Measuring Stations

Duct mounted and fan inlet thermal dispersion airflow measuring stations

Control Dampers

Galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum control dampers

Flow Meters

Commercial and industrial flow meters for HVAC applications

Laboratory Controls

Venturi air valves, room pressure monitors and laboratory controls for critical environments

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives and motors for HVAC applications

Refrigerant Detection

Refrigerant leak monitors with intuitive, touchscreen displays and multiple sampling points to meet AHRAE 15 requirements

Delivering HVAC Solutions

What makes the MSI team stand out is that we don’t just understand our best-in-class manufacturer’s products — we offer consultative expertise for complete HVAC systems.

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