Indoor Air Quality

Many new indoor air quality technologies have entered the HVAC market in the past few years. This is partly in response to the renewed interest in indoor air quality created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are numerous benefits to improving indoor air quality, including pathogen mitigation, increased HVAC efficiency and improved occupant productivity to name a few. MSI is proud to contribute expertise in this space.

There isn't a one size fits all technology for improving indoor air quality. They can be applied independently or in combination to meet the customer’s environmental needs

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Our indoor air quality categories include the following:


Increasing your filter's MERV rating is a great way to improve indoor air quality. It is important to confirm your system can accommodate the additional air pressure drop of higher MERV rated filters.

IAQ Monitoring Systems

Centralized IAQ monitoring is an effective method to optimize ventilation, resulting in energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

NPBI releases ions into the space that combine with particles suspended in the air. Particles of opposite polarity agglomerate into larger clusters, increasing their odds of filtration.

Polarized Media

An electrostatic field polarizes the media fibers and particles in the air. This attracts the particles to the media, as well as each other, increasing contaminant removal, lowering pressure drop and lengthening maintenance intervals.

Sorbent Ventilation Technology

A non-toxic sorbent-based air cleaning technology designed to capture carbon dioxide, ozone and VOCs. When combined with ASHRAE 62.1 IAQP, outside air requirements can be substantially reduced.

Ultraviolet Lighting

UV-C can be used for both surface irradiation (e.g. coil cleaning) and first pass disinfection of airstreams. Increased heat transfer efficiency and decreased energy consumption is another tangible benefit of UV-C technology.


Increasing ventilation rates is one of the best ways to improve IAQ. We have multiple energy recovery device options to minimize the energy consumption required for conditioning increased levels of outside air.

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