HVAC Equipment

We provide both HVAC equipment selections and overall HVAC system design support. In fact, MSI was founded on being an HVAC equipment representative, and we started representing McQuay (now Daikin Applied) in 1967.

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Our equipment offerings include the following:

Air Handling Units

Modular and custom air handling units up to 400,000+ CFM

Computer Room Air Conditioners

Precision cooling equipment for critical applications that require maximum uptime

Energy Recovery Units

Modular and custom energy recovery units up to 400,000+ CFM with multiple energy recovery device options

Fan Coil Units

Exposed and recessed fan coil units for both heating and cooling applications


Isothermal, adiabatic high pressure and ultrasonic humidification systems

Makeup Air Units

Direct and indirect fired makeup air units up to 100,000+ CFM

Pool Dehumidification Units

Pool dehumidification units ranging from hospitality to Olympic size competition pool applications

Rooftop Units

Packaged and custom rooftop air handling units up to 400 tons

Variable Refrigerant Volume

Air-cooled and water-cooled variable refrigerant volume systems in both heat pump and heat recovery configurations

Water-Source Heat Pumps

Horizontal and vertical water-source heat pumps

Delivering HVAC Solutions

What makes the MSI team stand out is that we don’t just understand our best-in-class manufacturer’s products — we offer consultative expertise for complete HVAC systems.

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